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NEW Diana Collection <br> Fall/Winter 2022 <br> Free ShippingNEW Terramina <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free ShippingNEW Love The Queen <br> Fall 2022NEW Chancele Dresses <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free Shipping
NEW Kayla Knits <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free ShippingNEW Devine Sport <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free ShippingNEW Dresses By Nubiano <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free ShippingNEW GMI Fancies <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free Shipping
NEW Dorinda Clark Cole <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free ShippingNEW Donna Vinci SUITS<br> Fall 2022 <br> Free ShippingNEW Donna Vinci KNITS <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free ShippingDV JEANS <br> by Donna Vinci <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free Shipping
Donna Vinci Hats <br> Fall 2022 <br> In Stock NowBenMarc Executive <br> Fall 2022NEW Stellar Looks <br> Fall 2022 <br> Free ShippingGiovanna Collection <br> Spring 2022 <br> New Arrivals
GMI Group <br> Stocked Year Round <br> Group DiscountsBenMarc Group <br> Stocked Year Round <br> Group DiscountsROBES<br> Stocked Year Round <br>Group DiscountsTally Taylor Group <br> Usher & Choir Collection <br> Group Discounts
Lily & Taylor <br> Fall & Winter Vol. 107 Lily & Taylor Vol. 108 <br> Spring/Summer  2022 <br> Free ShippingNEW Lily & Taylor Vol.109 <br> Spring/Summer  2022 <br> Free ShippingNEW Lily & Taylor Vol.110 <br> Spring/Summer  2022 <br> Free Shipping
NEW Lily & Taylor Vol.111 <br> Summer  2022 <br> Free ShippingDonna Vinci  SUITS<br> ON SALE <BR> Spring/Summer 2022 <br> Free Shipping D.V. JEANS <br> ON SALE <BR>Spring/Summer 2022 <br> Free ShippingLove The Queen <br>ON SALE<br> Spring/Summer 2022<br> Free Shipping
Donna Vinci Sport <br>ON SALE <BR> Spring/Summer 2022 <br> Free ShippingWarehouse Sale <br> Dresses & Suits <br> Starting @ $59Serafina Collection <br> Spring/Summer 2022 <br> NEW Dresses & Suits Aussie Austine <br> Spring/Summer 2022 <br> 4pc. Wardrober $88
Champagne Italy <br> Spring/Summer 2022<br> 20% Off Plus Free S&HTerramina Collection <br> Spring 2022 <br> Free ShippingStellar Looks <br>   Summer 2022Dorinda Clark Cole <br>  Spring 2022 <br> Free Shipping
GMI Fancies <br> Spring 2022 <br> Free ShippingDevine Sport  <br> Soft Stretch Denim <br> Free ShippingDresses By Nubiano <br> Spring 2022<br> Free ShippingElite Champagne <br> Spring/Summer 2022 <br> 20% Off Plus Free S&H
BenMarc SALE <br> Spring /Summer 2022 <br> Free ShippingKayla Knit Suits <br> On Sale <br>Free ShippingFine Quality Knits <br> by Liorah <br> On SaleDresses By Nubiano <br> Fall 2021 <br> Starting @ $69
Dorinda Clark Cole <br> The Rose Collection <br> Fall 2021Divine Specials <br>  Free UPS Ground ShippingInspirations of Africa

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